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Based on 267 reviews
Amazing service

Sam was very nice and helpful, I bought this Mercedes for my son’s 1st birthday and it could not fit in my car because the box was too big. He took the time out to unbox it and help me fit all the pieces in my car seeing I made such a far trip, the car looks amazing and I cannot wait for my son to start driving around in it when he turns 1.

AAA Customer Support

Picked up the 2023 Dune Buggy for my daughters 2nd birthday, fantastic choice. This is an eye opener in the neighborhood. Got the personalized plates , cherry on top. Had an issue over the weekend and reached out to King Toys for direction , received a call back within two hours, on Sunday...mother's day. This is outstanding customer service. Not expected but greatly appreciated. One personal call from the team and issue has been resolved. Could not ask for more. Dune Buggy is great but the customer service is solid.

Great ride on!!!

I got this for my 2.5 year old twins they love it, seems to be good quality, lots of space ,battery last a good amount of time better than expected! The dealer was easy to deal
With and pick up was easy.
Plus it comes with a remote control for younger kids great for taking to the park for a picnic or to the beech!

Great Little Buggy

I ordered this buggy for my son's 2nd birthday to replace his cheap 12v jeep that is always broken. Although it's not his birthday yet, I did assemble and test the buggy before tucking it away so I feel I can give a proper assessment of the toy's quality. First of all, if you are comparing this an off brand Power Wheels knock off, this is a different machine altogether. Two separate 7ah 24v batteries that are wired together in parallel, real 4 wheel drive with a 200w motor at each wheel. Steel frame under the plastic body, cushioned seats with faux-leather covering. Driver's seat is adjustable forward and back, lap seat belts for both riders. The most impressive feature in my opinion is the soft start and soft automatic braking feature. No more bashing the poor kids head on the seat back when you let off the accelerator, it slowly comes up to speed and tapers off to a stop when you let off the throttle. There is no front suspension but the rear does have a spring suspended swingarm. Foam rubber wheels have far better traction than the plastic wheels found on cheaper units. I was able to take the machine up a considerable slope far steeper than I would let my son tackle at his current age. The range of the remote control seems adequate, it never cut out on me despite being up to 40 feet away.

In summary, this buggy is less than twice the price of a Power Wheels brand jeep but is in my opinion, at least twice the value. Probably closer to 3 times the value with all things considered.

Awesome Lamborghini

Bought the Red Lamborghini for my grandson and he loves it. The owner Sam is very professional and very polite and knowledgeable. Definitely will buy more products for my grandson from here. I highly recommend Kingtoys.

Amazing customer support

I want to be sure to mention that King Toys shipped my item out very quickly, and then it was held up at customs in Detroit. It has been sitting there for over two weeks and UPS has not been very easy to deal with. I did use customer service chat at King Toys twice and called customer service at King Toys once to find out what can be done and they said they would review this and either refund me or get my order to me right away. I’m not sure what will happen but I’m still hoping to get the gift for my grandson. I really appreciate the personal service I have been given. I will for sure shop here again.

36Volt Go Kart Review

Just purchased the 36 Volt Go Kart and my 8 year old loves it. It has an adjustable seat for his size and any older kid can ride it as well. It also has 3 speed levels and we are going to use level 2 for now. (It goes about 20km/h). We are extremely happy with this purchase.


I bought red Lamborghini for my daughter. She really loves it. Best experience with the owner as he’s really humble and professional.
Definitely going to buy another product.

Highly recommended!!

Putting out the flames

Ordered a fire truck on boxing day for my little girl. Had shipping setup but ended up going to pick it up in person. They made that an easy process. Got the big box home and built the truck and my daughter wont get out of it. She woke up at 1am and had to go play on it and make me take her outside at 2am for a little drive! Now today thats all she wants to do is drive her truck. Got a big smile and a wave from the paramedic supervisor as he went by too. Super happy with this thing so far. Just wish it was able to turn a little tighter, but other then that this thing kicks ass. Staff we very kind and helpful via phone and email arranging the pickup also

Excellent customer Service

From the first online chat with questions, I've had nothing but excellent service. I'll be honest and say I was super nervous making my purchase as I didn't know much about the site. The guys were so great that we did an etransfer over the phone instead of a cc purchase. Then, after purchasing and my child receiving it for Christmas, we had trouble figuring out the remote. I hoped on line open the chat typed in the question and 1 to 2 minutes later I'm receiving a phone call with the gentleman going over everything with me. He even offered to video chat with me so he could see the fire truck I purchased and help me figure out the issue. I'm totally green, I've never made a purchase like this before. I felt stupid after he talked me through it he was like, "No worries, everything is all good." His accent was very strong but he was so patient and kind when I had to have him repeat himself. Like truly I cannot say enough good about my interaction with the workers. I have a feeling it won't be one and done with this purchase as now our daughter would like a ride on for her birthday. Oh I should add the price was amazing, Other sites including Amazon wanted anywhere from $100 to $300 more for the same fire truck, Wayfair it was almost $600. Kings it was on sale for $299 and $50 for shipping.
Thank you fir making a little boy squeal with delight on Christmas morning. We are truly so appreciative.

Hummer Hoverboard (black)

Absolute pleasure working with Kingtoys. Great service and quality products. Would recommend

Blue Corvette Ride Car

I bought a Corvette for my Grandson and had a problem with shipping cost to our postal code. Contacted Joe to pick-up at there Burlington Storage area and was very impressed as to the quick service he gave me. Product is excellent quality, well built and worth the price I paid. Would highly recommend King Toys to friends and family.

My 5 year old rides this truck everyday!

I purchased this GMC truck for my son's 5-year-old birthday and he is in love with it. I was able to go pick it up in two days and the whole process was pretty easy. Overall, the truck makes a very high-quality impression and makes me feel like it's worth the money. Assembling it wasn't a problem since the main body was already put together and all you have to do is attach the wheels and other accessories. I'm glad I shopped here and look forward to buying different toys here for my son in the future.

Best gift ever! Great service and product!

I bought this car for my grandson and it matches the real life one that I drive. I am so impressed at the identical details that are similar to real model and my grandson especially loves the built in radio sounds that came installed. The car is solid and built very well and was easy to install. A very good experience from ordering to pick up which made for a great shopping experience. I would definitely recommend this company to anyone who wants this type of toy.

Mercedez Benz SUV

My wife & I purchased a Mercedez Benz SUV for our two grandchildren. Bought the extended warranty, as well as the personalized plates.
Customer Service was outstanding. Unit was assembled & delivery was flawless. Would highly recommend this Company.

Great experience

Started with an inquiry to purchase and options for product delivery knowing of the impending busy holiday season. Team answered all questions asked promptly and also followed up with phone calls when we entered information incorrectly. The team called to verify to ensure our ordered was fulfilled correctly.
As the item is a Christmas gift for our grandson, the team advised that the battery was pre charged but some assembly was required so allow for some time to avoid disappointment.
Most accommodating team of representatives from King Toys. Keep up the great customer service and happy holidays! Refreshing experience!

Great Product

Recently purchased a 12V Jeep (Red)and picked up last saturday! AmaZing quality and excellent product . Kids Love it!! Highly recommend. Great customer service .Very satisfied with this purchase.

I love the car it's my daughter's birthday 🎂 gift services is too fast as well as delivery I got same day thanks kings toys

Great customer service

I bought a Lamborghini car for my grandson
The gentleman I spoke to was so nice and their customer service is outstanding
Would definitely recommend them 😊


we brought range rover for our son the service was very fast and the were very polite and they help me for assembling the car on video call that was a big help over all service was fantastic
thank you kingtoys

Excellent Service

My son enjoys driving this car.. It is pretty fast and looks awesome. He is very happy with it and drives it everyday!! Sometimes my 9 yr old daughter as well joins the ride. The product is of great quality! Excellent service and quick delivery. Would highly recommend Kingtoys to all my friends.

Outstanding product and customer service

We purchased 24V Mercedes Benz AMG G63 G Wagon 2 Seater Kids Ride On Car With Remote Control Black for son on his fourth birthday. Excellent product and my son love it.

36 volt Go Kart

We bought the 36 volt go kart for our grand-daughter because she outgrew her electric Jaguar sports car which she dearly loved. The gentleman at King Toys was very polite and informative and we were impressed with his courtesy. Due to the distance involved we had to pay the shipping, but it was reasonable and quick. The go kart is very substantial, well built and and certainly sturdy. Our grand-daughter really enjoys the kart but is still slightly nervous to use 3rd gear as 1st and 2nd are very quick. We bought her a very good quality full-coverage motorcycle helmet along with a neck support and gloves (as I own and race a full-sized racing go kart). The electric kart is very stable and the other children in the neighbourhood think it is really cool and envy our grand-daughter. One flaw in the construction of the kart is the seatbelt can pull out of the seat with force applied. I fixed this by inserting a large cotter pin in the small looped end of both straps under the seat (easily removed by undoing 4 bolts with the provided allan key). This will ensure the seat belts remain secure. Overall the go kart is strongly built and will give hours of fun and thrills to children from 7 to 70.


Ordered the Farrari 36 v gokart. It arrived on time in mint condition. However, there was a problem with the charger . Contacted customer service & within minutes received a phone call to resolve the problem. They sent out a new charger the same day & it corrected the problem. Great gokart & fantastic customer service.